Breezy few weeks.

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Let’s just say this: It has been a hectic two weeks. For some reason I recently just decided that I was gonna go for this Dual-Degree Nursing program. Basically though, I started really late so in order to complete all the requirements for this program I would have to double up on sciences and labs and take summer courses every summer, and it would just be craziness. So, fingers-crossed, I’m hoping Emory will allow me to do the program in 4 years here, 2 years there, instead of the traditional 3 and 2. So, yet another decision i made was what to major in. Since i’m staying for four years, I definately want to get a degree with a major. I love psychology, so that’s what I’m going for.

So really, the last few weeks have been this: Class, cram in a meeting or two, class, work, meeting, club, etc. And add onto that the RA application i have been basically pouring my soul into. I really hope i get the job. These weeks have breezed through so quick i can’t even remember all that’s been going on, so here are some highlights:

I went to the Limitless Gallery in Dana. There were some pretty interesting exhibits. Here are a few pics from it:

I went to Java Monkey quite a few times with Meredith, and managed to write a really great paper for english there.
Meredith and I decided that we and our brothers are going to go on a cross country road trip next summer for a month. Yes, a month. We are going to rough it in tents most of the time, while indulging in a motel every now and then. So now begins the long process of saving up. I’m planning on saving at least 1,500 dollars. Ah! Some places we will probably go is to Appleton, WI to visit my Aunt and Uncle and stay a few days. Then we will embark on an 11 hour journey to the Badlands. Then to Yellowstone. After that will be the Grand Circle (Arches, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, etc) before the long 1800 mile trip home.
In one word, i am STOKED.

Last saturday Meredith and I went to an organ/harpsichord/piano concert. We were one of 5 young people in the crowd of 200. It was awesome.
I looked into exchange programs for my junior spring semester and have fallen in love with the idea of Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey. I hope i can go!
Ummmm and mixed in the last few weeks were other random outings.

I’m really enjoying volunteering at PAWS. I walked a bunch of dogs last Sunday and they were all soooo adorable. I also ran into a professional wildlife photographer who gave me his information and offered to include me in any tutorials he may teach for free. Random meeting? Yes, but totally cool.

So anyways, if you want to look at my photography page, i just collaborated all the pictures I have on this computer onto one site.

Until next time..


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