It’s a 100!

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So, i’ve officially received the grade of my first exam this semester, a 100 in Finite. I know, Finite math isn’t the hardest thing ever, but math just doesn’t come that easily to me so i’m darn proud of it!
As far as other classes go… I’ve turned in my first essay for English, and I think it’s awesome. We had to do a narrative story of a mistake we’ve made and how it affected us. I chose to write about a “go-gurt war” with my brother. It was pretty fun to write.
In bio 100, which, it just so happens, that i’m taking the class for absolutely no reason (since I have to take Bio 191 and 192 for Nursing) , we got to use microscopes and look at our own cheek cells, which was pretty cool. Oh and exam #1 for Bio is out of the way as well.
Ah, religion. This class I actually quite enjoy most days. The discussions are normally pretty interesting and very relevant to my life, seeing as I’m a Christian woman. On Tuesday we got into groups and created an artistic representation of either Genesis 1 or Genesis 2. My group had Genesis 2 so we made a 3D pop out version of the Garden of Eden, complete with trees, cows, and fish made out of notecards and a river made out of blue masking tape. It was pretty epic, honestly.
Oh! And here’s another amazing finding from my English class..we are actually reading a book that is interesting! The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry. It’s a very strange mystery novel where it seems like most of the characters have sleeping disorders or something.

So there’s school for ya. I recently got my adviser changed to a Psych major adviser, Professor Cooley. So hopefully I will officially be declaring a major soon! Aside from that, it finally snowed this year! And it snowed pretty good. I was at home in Lilburn and we had a good 4 inches or so. Here are a few pictures:

Well anyways, I guess that’s just an update of what’s been goin on lately.
Oh, and I’ve gotten about 70 pages into this AWESOME book called Heaven by Randy Alcorn. If you are at all interested in Heaven and what it’ll be like, read this book.
And my latest music fixation is a band called Fireflight, so look them up =]

Until next time…


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Breezy few weeks.

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