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It’s a 100!

So, i’ve officially received the grade of my first exam this semester, a 100 in Finite. I know, Finite math isn’t the hardest thing ever, but math just doesn’t come that easily to me so i’m darn proud of it!
As far as other classes go… I’ve turned in my first essay for English, and I think it’s awesome. We had to do a narrative story of a mistake we’ve made and how it affected us. I chose to write about a “go-gurt war” with my brother. It was pretty fun to write.
In bio 100, which, it just so happens, that i’m taking the class for absolutely no reason (since I have to take Bio 191 and 192 for Nursing) , we got to use microscopes and look at our own cheek cells, which was pretty cool. Oh and exam #1 for Bio is out of the way as well.
Ah, religion. This class I actually quite enjoy most days. The discussions are normally pretty interesting and very relevant to my life, seeing as I’m a Christian woman. On Tuesday we got into groups and created an artistic representation of either Genesis 1 or Genesis 2. My group had Genesis 2 so we made a 3D pop out version of the Garden of Eden, complete with trees, cows, and fish made out of notecards and a river made out of blue masking tape. It was pretty epic, honestly.
Oh! And here’s another amazing finding from my English class..we are actually reading a book that is interesting! The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry. It’s a very strange mystery novel where it seems like most of the characters have sleeping disorders or something.

So there’s school for ya. I recently got my adviser changed to a Psych major adviser, Professor Cooley. So hopefully I will officially be declaring a major soon! Aside from that, it finally snowed this year! And it snowed pretty good. I was at home in Lilburn and we had a good 4 inches or so. Here are a few pictures:

Well anyways, I guess that’s just an update of what’s been goin on lately.
Oh, and I’ve gotten about 70 pages into this AWESOME book called Heaven by Randy Alcorn. If you are at all interested in Heaven and what it’ll be like, read this book.
And my latest music fixation is a band called Fireflight, so look them up =]

Until next time…


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Breezy few weeks.

Let’s just say this: It has been a hectic two weeks. For some reason I recently just decided that I was gonna go for this Dual-Degree Nursing program. Basically though, I started really late so in order to complete all the requirements for this program I would have to double up on sciences and labs and take summer courses every summer, and it would just be craziness. So, fingers-crossed, I’m hoping Emory will allow me to do the program in 4 years here, 2 years there, instead of the traditional 3 and 2. So, yet another decision i made was what to major in. Since i’m staying for four years, I definately want to get a degree with a major. I love psychology, so that’s what I’m going for.

So really, the last few weeks have been this: Class, cram in a meeting or two, class, work, meeting, club, etc. And add onto that the RA application i have been basically pouring my soul into. I really hope i get the job. These weeks have breezed through so quick i can’t even remember all that’s been going on, so here are some highlights:

I went to the Limitless Gallery in Dana. There were some pretty interesting exhibits. Here are a few pics from it:

I went to Java Monkey quite a few times with Meredith, and managed to write a really great paper for english there.
Meredith and I decided that we and our brothers are going to go on a cross country road trip next summer for a month. Yes, a month. We are going to rough it in tents most of the time, while indulging in a motel every now and then. So now begins the long process of saving up. I’m planning on saving at least 1,500 dollars. Ah! Some places we will probably go is to Appleton, WI to visit my Aunt and Uncle and stay a few days. Then we will embark on an 11 hour journey to the Badlands. Then to Yellowstone. After that will be the Grand Circle (Arches, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, etc) before the long 1800 mile trip home.
In one word, i am STOKED.

Last saturday Meredith and I went to an organ/harpsichord/piano concert. We were one of 5 young people in the crowd of 200. It was awesome.
I looked into exchange programs for my junior spring semester and have fallen in love with the idea of Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey. I hope i can go!
Ummmm and mixed in the last few weeks were other random outings.

I’m really enjoying volunteering at PAWS. I walked a bunch of dogs last Sunday and they were all soooo adorable. I also ran into a professional wildlife photographer who gave me his information and offered to include me in any tutorials he may teach for free. Random meeting? Yes, but totally cool.

So anyways, if you want to look at my photography page, i just collaborated all the pictures I have on this computer onto one site.

Until next time..

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A Bit of Randomness..

I cannot tell you what made me randomly think of this, but all the sudden i thought of a short, cute poem that i heard when i was a kid. I’ve loved it ever since.

I found a tiny starfish
In a tide pool by the sand.
I found a tiny starfish
And I put him in my hand.

An itty-bitty starfish
No bigger than my thumb,
A wet and golden starfish
Belonging to no one.

I thought that I would take him
From the tidepool by the sea,
And bring him home to give you
A loving gift from me.

But as I held my starfish,
His skin began to dry.
Without his special seaside home,
My gift for you would die.

I found a tiny starfish
In a tide pool by the sea.
I hope whoever finds him next
Will leave him there, like me!

And the gift I’ve saved for you?
The best that I can give:
I found a tiny starfish,
And for you, I let him live.

Now isn’t that just darlin?
And here is my other favorite, that my aunt gave me in the form of a cute glass frame.

(Click to enlarge)

Anyways. Its been a pretty productive day. Later i plan on going crazy and cleaning the hall kitchen just for the heck of it. No one ever cleans it and it’s disguising, so i will hopefully make a dent in the nastiness.

Until next time..

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Raining Cats and Dogs


As everyone knows, it was a pretty crappy weekend. Rainy and cold and just yuck. But it was a pretty good weekend nonetheless. Friday i just played some apples to apples with friends and relaxed in my dorm.
Saturday rolled around and it was time for the PAWS Atlanta orientation, the no-kill animal shelter i’m now a volunteer at. A bunch of people, probably around 20, showed up for orientation and two of the staff showed us around the freshly renovated animal shelter (thanks to Lowe’s) and told us about all the rules etc. It took about an hour and a half, and was actually pretty entertaining…but verrry cold outside! After orientation i went back to Agnes and was invited to go ice skating with my best friend Casey, for her sister’s sweet 16. I was kinda nervous at first (because the last time i went ice skating i LITERALLY face planted and knocked the wind outta myself) but it was cool, and we didn’t fall once. Although it really irritated the issue i have with my heel.
Sunday rolls around, and it’s time for 12 Stone church! Let me tell you about 12 Stone. It is by far, the most God-led church i have ever been in. You can just feel His presence in their, and in all the band and speakers. It’s great. But what was even more great about today is that the choir was singing with the band today. I’d never seen it yet, and it was awesome. They sang a few Hillsong was like a concert! Then the pastor spoke about being an economic atheist…aka trusting God in life but not with your finances. It was pretty neat.. made me think about how much i stress myself out over money when i could just trust that God has it all planned out.. After church me and Meredith had Zaxby’s, which i hadn’t had in months. Yummm.
Then i went to volunteer at PAWS for my first day =]. It was fantastic. It was pouring, so i couldn’t walk any of the dogs, so i went over to the cat house. Let me tell you… it burdens my heart to see how many cats, not kittens, are just sittin waiting for someone to adopt them…but people never want cats because kittens are cuter. Well there is this one cat that i fell in love with. She’s like 8 years old and a complete sweetheart, and has been there for a couple of years. Here’s a picture of her.
 And theres another cat that just has one eye, and looks around all the time like it sees a bug it’s trying to catch. And then…there’s Phats. Named after his appearance..this poor cat’s previous owner made really bad diet decisions and now Phats is soooo huge he limps when he walks. It’s quite sad really, but he’s a sweetie too. After i finished playing with the cats and talking with a fellow volunteer, i went over and played with all the puppies and got to know some of the people i’d be seeing alot. Everyone is really nice. I am so glad i decided to do this. Anywho, now i’m about to go read a chapter of biology about Ecology. Then onto reading general info on the People’s Bible. Then i might start reading Desperate Characters for English. I’ll leave ya’ll with this funny video that my dad showed me. Its a parody about how Hitler reacted to the delay of Harry Potter 6 coming out in theaters. It’s hilarious to me.

Oh, and comments are appreciated!

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Photography: Not just a hobby!

So i figured it might be nice to sort of, introduce myself to this blog. One way to do that is to display one of my great loves, photography. I got my first camera in 8th grade. I remember that day so fondly. It was Christmas day, and i was opening the present i thought surely would be my first camera. I wasn’t dissapointed. It was a cute little Samsung digital camera, that ran on batteries. Looking back, it was not the best camera in the world, but for my purposes, it was perfect. I took that camera everywhere i could, and documented my life with it.
After a year or two with my Samsung, i decided it was time for a more sophisticated camera. That Christmas, i upgraded to an Olympus. The picture quality was better, and it allowed me to take more artistic shots. It was fabulous.
Once again Christmas rolled around, this time i was in eleventh grade, and i was hoping for the slim, touch screen, Sony-Cybershot. Once again, i was not dissapointed. This little camera was my heart’s desire. The macro capabilities were fantastic, and it was so much slimmer than my older cameras. This was also the year i took a photography class in high school. I learned how to take shots with a film camera, and develop them in the dark room. I loved how i could have complete control over how the picture was developed (exposure, brightness, etc). I also was exposed to a photography exhibit for Gwinnett County, called Shutter Sense and Nonsense. My friend and I spent countless hours taping labels to photographs, hanging things on the wall, and setting up for the exhibit night. The final product was very rewarding. The room looked beautiful, and the exhibit was full of amazing photographs. In my 12th grade year, i once again helped set up for this exhibit, and also won two prizes. I won third place in the categories of Animals, and an Honorable Mention in the Nature category.
Alas, 12th grade ended, and I had developed the camera desire of all desires. I craved a Canon Rebel EOS, and, to my surprise, recieved it at my graduation party, as a graduation gift from my family. Ever since that wonderful day in May, I’ve spent hours recording my life through the lens of my Canon Rebel.
And so, you see my love of photography runs deep. Now, here are some of my favorite photographs.

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Here Goes Nothin

Hello all. Today marks the first day of the blog that i will hopefully manage to keep up with throughout my college career. I will post on any variety of things, such as trips i go on, classes that interest me, organizations I’m involved in, or just everyday things that happen to me during my journey here at Agnes. I hope that this blog serves as an outlet for people to get to know me, and maybe entertain some people along the way : – )

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